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Your personal security and the security of your business assets and personal belongings are extremely important to us. This is why Alexander Drive Self Storage has a multi-level security system.

The entire facility is enclosed by secure perimeter fencing and the entrance gate is alarmed.

A valid keypad code is required to open the gate, and each vehicle’s license plate and driver’s face are recorded passing through the gate.

Once inside the facility, each building is secured into sections, and each section requires a valid keypad code to enter. Within each section of the building, individual units are secured by a lock with a tamper-resistant mechanism.

Cameras record activity in the parking area, at the gate, and at exterior doors to each building 24/7.

Oh, and just in case of the highly unlikely occurrence of fire, we are across the street from the Fire Department.

Rest assured, our security features are second-to-none! VIEW RATES