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Humidity Control Is Critical.

The main problem in storage is high humidity. Relative humidity of 60 percent or higher allows mites, molds, mildew, rust, paper rot and wood degradation to occur. Many facilities rely on an air-conditioning system to dry the air. The problem with this approach is high temperatures don’t always coincide with high humidity. Records show that high humidity is more likely to occur at night, while high temperatures naturally occur in the afternoon. Even in lower daytime temperatures, humidity control is essential during prolonged rainy periods.

Black and white photos laid out, looks like they were taken a long time ago A bunch of rugs rolled up and stacked together

Perhaps you are a fine art, antique rug or cigar distributor. Maybe vintage couture clothing is your passion. What if you need to store an inventory of specialty foods, fine furnishings or designer clothing? Are files or records overwhelming the space you have available? How about irreplaceable family photographs?

Keeping sensitive valuables in prime condition can be a real challenge in areas of high summer temperatures and humidity. Some self-storage facilities offer a level of temperature control - but this is not enough - Humidity control is critical to adequately protect your stock – or your precious family antiques and photographs. To prevent wood degradation and paper rot relative humidity must be maintained below 60%. The same is true if you want to prevent molds, mildew and mites – things you don’t want in your costly stock or your precious family valuables!

Why Is Humidity Control Difficult?

Let’s put some perspective on humidity control. A home dehumidifier such as the Frigidaire FAD704DWD extracts approximately 70 pints of water per day. A commercial system like the Therma-Stor HI-E Dry 195 is capable of extracting 192 pints of water per day. The Alexander Drive Self Storage System will extract 500 pints of water per day and consistently maintain humidity between 45 -55%.

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